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Separating Eastern Zanzibar from its South Eastern corner is the 10 km long Michamvi Peninsula, which in itself contains a choice range of high-quality beach resorts. Again the tide here goes out rather a long way, and hence bathing needs to be carefully timed.

Reaching down to the south tip of the island are a succession of beaches, separated by the villages of Bwejuu, Paje, and Jambiani. Some time ago these were backpacker havens, but the low-budget travellers have now moved to Northern Zanzibar, and in many respects this area has become the destination of choice for those seeking a beautiful beach resort that combines extreme comfort with peace and quiet - yet at a moderate price.

Probably the island's best insight into genuine rural life is provided by a visit to Jambiani Village, where you can meet 'real' people, and observe their daily activities, including seaweed farming, herbal medicine and hand crafts.

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It is difficult to imagine a better location for a stunning beach holiday than Zanzibar.

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If you're looking for the honeymoon experience par excellence then we simply believe that you can't choose a better destination than Zanzibar.

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Scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, waterskiing, deep sea fishing - Zanzibar has it all.

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Jozani Forest is home to the rare Red Colobus Monkey, and many other interesting animal and plant species.

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