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This website is specifically designed to introduce the Island of Zanzibar, with its glorious stretches of beach and wealth of other activities.

However if you only have a night or two to spare, and perhaps have an early morning outbound flight from Dar, you might not wish to go to the trouble of getting over to the island.

Hence we thought that it might be useful, for completeness, to list a number of mainland beach locations, within easy reach by road or boat from Dar, that could be chosen instead.

Indeed, if you were to travel very slightly further, to Tanzania's 'hidden gem' - the small but delightful Saadani National Park - you can combine, say, a morning's quite excellent game viewing, with an afternoon spent on a pristine Indian Ocean beach: the very best of 'Beach and Bush'. For further details of mainland activities visit our Tanzania website, or, for Saadani in particular, click on the 'Other Information' tab, below.

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Scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, waterskiing, deep sea fishing - Zanzibar has it all.

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It is difficult to imagine a better location for a stunning beach holiday than Zanzibar.

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If you're looking for the honeymoon experience par excellence then we simply believe that you can't choose a better destination than Zanzibar.

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