Mafia Island

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Strictly speaking, Mafia Island is the main component of the 'Mafia Archipelago', but it is most convenient to include it in with the Zanzibar Archipelago material.

Its attraction lies in its being unspoiled as a tourist destination, whilst containing a number of attractive hotels in which to stay.

Although Mafia Island contains its share of pristine beaches, it is its offshore environment that dominates the scene. The deep channels around the island provide excellent deep-sea fishing, while, as per usual, diving and snorkelling are also major activities.

This is also a region of especial interest to birdwatchers, with over 120 species recorded, in addition to small wildlife such as bushbabies, blue duiker, genets and vervet monkeys.

Several upmarket lodges may be found on Mafia, in addition to on the neighbouring Chole Island. 

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