One of the reasons we think Zanzibar is the best beach location in Africa is the wide range of different destinations and activities that can be undertaken within the island. From its historical capital, Stone Town, through the variety of beach locations - offering everything from water sports, fishing and sailing - to activities such as a Spice Tour, Dhow Cruise etc.

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Why Choose Zanzibar

In planning a beach holiday like this, you will be aware that there are many alternative destinations that you could choose. So how do you decide?

We believe that there are numerous reasons for choosing the absolutely idyllic Indian Ocean destination of Zanzibar. To find out why, click here.


When To Visit Zanzibar

Not every month of the year provides the opportunity for an idyllic beach holiday, although there is plenty more to do on Zanzibar . Click here to find out more.


Interactive Zanzibar Map

We have created this interactive Google-map based guide to Zanzibar. Simply click on one of the highlighted areas for more information on each. You can also scroll around the map and zoom in or out using the keys in the bottom left hand corner of the map. 

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Zanzibar's Beaches

Where to start? To make matters easier we have broken down the island's coastline into four distinct regions - all of which offer perfect tropical beaches, water sports and relaxing accommodation.

Zanzibar North

If you're looking for a hectic night life, rather than a haven of peace, then the area around the large fishing village of Nungwi, in the north of the island, is definitely the place to be.

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Zanzibar East

It is on Zanzibar's East Coast that you will find the idyllic tropical beaches - clean white, and lined with palm trees - that probably attracted you to the island in the first place.

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Zanzibar South

Some of Zanzibar's best-known resort hotels are to be found on Zanzibar's South Eastern coast, which is very similar in character to that of the more northerly East Coast.

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Zanzibar West

The Fumba Peninsula, south of the airport, is probably the closest beach resort to Stone Town, although also the least visited. Possibly as a result, it is also the friendliest part of the island.

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The Islands

In fact the term 'Zanzibar' strictly refers to the entire Zanzibar Archipelago. Its principal island - Unguja - is what we more usually refer to as 'Zanzibar' itself. Added to this, however, are the two quite sizeable islands of Pemba and Mafia, together with a range of much smaller islands. In this section we focus on those islands which are potential places in which one might actually stay overnight, rather than merely visit.

Pemba Island

A densely populated island, some 40-50 km from the main island, still reliant more on agriculture than it is on tourism. Game fishing, diving and snorkelling complement its purely beach attractions.

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Mafia Island

Becoming one of Tanzania's up and coming tourist destinations, Mafia Island still retains its attraction for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, and is also noted for its diving and snorkelling.

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Mnemba Island

Rated by Conde Nast as 'One of the world's top three most romantic beach locations in the world'. Enough said? (Of course you have to be able to afford to stay here)

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Chumbe Island

A few km off the west coast of Zanzibar, Chumbe Island is best known as a genuine Eco-resort, in particular preserving the island's coral reef.

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Other Destinations

Zanzibar is not just about its beaches - wonderful though these are. Its capital, Stone Town, well repays a visit, or even a couple of nights' stay if you have the time.

It may well be that you only have a night or two to spare anyway - prior to your return flight following a safari for example, or while in transit. In these circumstances, getting over to Zanzibar and back might be too much hassle. Hence we thought that it might be useful to refer you to a number of beaches on mainland Tanzania - offering much of what the Island does - but within easy reach of Dar and your departure airport.

Stone Town

Zanzibar's capital, Stone Town, is well worth a visit, to see its historic buildings, markets and beaches, and to explore its historic links with the slave trade.

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The Mainland

In addition to coastal resorts on the mainland, just a short drive from Dar, there is the wonderful Saadani National Park, which combines beautiful beaches with some fine game viewing.

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About Zanzibar

A brief rundown on modern Zanzibar, including background on its History, Geography, Climate, future for Tourism, and its most famous son - Freddie Mercury - Click here:


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