Why Choose Zanzibar

When planning a beach holiday you will usually find yourself faced with a bewildering variety of choice, between different countries, different hotels and lodges, and the wide variety of different activities that may be on offer.

For us, Zanzibar is the perfect compromise between reachability, price and availability of different activities.

Thus we regard Zanzibar as the truly premier Indian Ocean beach destination. Having travelled to many such destinations, we can confidently say from experience that Zanzibar ticks all the boxes for those looking for an affordable and, above all quality, beach holiday. To help the undecided among you, we have put together in concise form the reasons we think Zanzibar stands out as such a great beach holiday destination:


Reasons to Visit Zanzibar

• Top quality accommodation at an affordable price

Zanzibar boasts some of the best beach lodges in Africa, at prices that remain within most visitors' reach. In particular its breadth of choice means there is accommodation to suit everyone, from the smallest intimate beach camp to deluxe hotels with all mod-cons.


• Unspoilt and peaceful beaches

Although you can opt for a busy resort with a bustling night life, Zanzibar also offers quiet resorts with miles of unspoilt beaches, allowing you the ultimate in relaxation.


• Range of activities

In contrast to most tropical beach destinations, Zanzibar is about much, much more than its beaches. Watersports, deep-sea fishing, dhow cruises, dolphin watching, island visits, festivals and fascinating tours and excursions are on offer. Not to mention a large enough capital - Stone Town - to merit a couple of days' exploration of its cultural and historical sights in its own right.


• Travel with confidence

Unlike many other African countries, Tanzania, and hence Zanzibar, is a comparatively safe place to visit. There have been no incidents due to international terrorism, and the internal crime rate is good, being virtually nonexistent out on safari, and relatively low elsewhere, barring city centres. As an established tourist destination, Tanzania is sufficiently advanced to provide more than adequate transport, communications, health facilities, and so on, whilst remaining totally unspoilt.


All of the above means that a beach holiday on Zanzibar can be the holiday experience of a lifetime.



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