Visiting Prison Island

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Only 20 minutes away from Stone Town by boat, Prison Island (also known as Changuu) gets its name from the prison built by the British in 1890, although never used as such, and the island is now home to the prison ruins, a hotel and a tortoise sanctuary.

Originally thought to be from the Comoros Islands and Seychelles these giant Aldabran tortoises patiently shuffle through the trees, and some of them are said to be over 100 years old. Stately and lumbering, the tortoises have even been known to take children on a ride.

Lunch is available on the island and then you’re left to your own devices. If you’re feeling active, you can explore one of the hiking trails, snorkel in the crystal clear waters in search of colourful tropical fish darting through the spectacular coral reef or soak up some sun on the powder white beach. Thatched bandas are dotted along the waterfront, available for hire if you wish to stay for the night.

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Image of Stone Townview


The effective capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, including reminders of the infamous slave trade.

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Zanzibar's Northern tip is where it's all happening - the watersports, the night life and the maximum density of other tourists. Depends what you are after - activity or quiet.

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Many visitors seem to be unaware that Zanzibar's West Coast offers equally good beach and watersport facilities to other areas, together with much closer proximity to Stone Town and the airport.

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