Matemwe Retreat


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A lodge consisting of only three enormous split-level beach cottages, providing the ultimate in private luxury, readily justifies the description 'Retreat'. It is not cheap to stay here - but it could be a lot more expensive, given what it has to offer.

The cottages themselves are very impressive, and, unusually, are totally self-contained - the Retreat actually has no communal areas. Thus your cottage, or villa, has its own cocktail bar, plunge pool and rooftop terrace, where your meals can be served by your own private butler. But if you yearn for more social contact you can dine at the main Matemwe Lodge, a ten minute walk away, instead.

As a honeymoon destination therefore, Matemwe Retreat must rank right at the very top, although some people might prefer slightly more social contact. The lodge has its own private stretch of beach, although the tide can go out rather a long way, precluding swimming at such times.

The lodge will readily arrange the usual excursions for you, snorkelling or diving, together with a visit to the local village, which Matemwe supports.

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