Chumbe Island Lodge


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Chumbe Island Lodge is run by a 'not for profit' private company, whose ethos was simply to create a lodge which is as eco-sensitive as possible. All profits are ploughed back into local conservation and educational programmes, very much based within the local community.

The lodge's seven award-winning 'eco-bungalows' harmonise perfectly with the natural environment, and are located just 30 seconds' walk from the sea. One of the (upstairs) bedroom's walls can be lowered at night if you would like to effectively sleep under the stars - very romantic!

Chumbe Island Lodge is all about the activities on offer here - not just lazing on the beach. Although scuba diving is prohibited on Chumbe (it can, however, be arranged for you on neighbouring reefs), the snorkelling is first class, with understanding guides for those new at this art, the untouched coral reef housing over 400 species of fish, and 200 varieties of coral.

At low tide it is possible to follow a marine nature trail, walking all the way around the island, or you can also explore the Forest Reserve that covers around 90% of the island, observing hermit crabs, the world's rarest antelope - the Ader's Duiker - or one of the 64 species of birds that reside here.

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Scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, waterskiing, deep sea fishing - Zanzibar has it all.

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It is difficult to imagine a better location for a stunning beach holiday than Zanzibar.

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