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Situated at the very northern tip of Zanzibar is the large fishing village of Nungwi, which is also the centre of the island's dhow-building industry. Thanks to a superb beach, and excellent diving and snorkelling, Nungwi has also become the busiest tourist spot on Zanzibar, with a large number of hotel options available, ranging from the very cheap to the very expensive – and from the not-so-nice to the truly outstanding. In addition to Nungwi’s own beach, there are several other quieter, but equally delightful, beaches situated down the west coast of the island, such as Kendwa and Kidoti.

The swimming at Nungwi itself  benefits from not being tide-dependent, unlike along other areas of the coast, and there are excellent reefs for snorkelling. This would also be your base for Dhow cruises, ocean big-game fishing and the like. However it is important to recognise that this is a predominantly Muslim area, and visitors should respect the local dress code. It is also probably unwise to walk alone on the beach at night.