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Pemba Island

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Lying 40 km north of, and almost the same size as, Zanzibar (Unguja Island) itself, Pemba Island is much less well developed. If you thought that some of Zanzibar's roads were primitive then prepare to revise this opinion.

Pemba's economy is still much more dependent on agriculture than it is on tourism, and indeed, historically, it was known as 'Al Khuthera', or The Green Island. It is in fact one of the most densely populated areas in the whole of Tanzania, its population being very strongly Muslim, and vistors should be prepared to respect this fact. Interestingly, the island has long been renowned for its traditional - actually voodoo - healers.

In addition to its beaches, Pemba Island is most noted for its diving and snorkelling - although perhaps best suited to experienced devotees of these activities - and the presence of some serious game fish - barracuda, tuna and sharks - together with, on occasion, whales.

The accommodation here is somewhat limited, especially in comparison with its 'sister' satellite island of Mafia.