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A holiday on Zanzibar can include a wide range of exciting activities, beyond that of simply soaking up the sun on the beach. Visitors to Zanzibar can choose from water sports, fishing, spice tours, dhow trips and much more, in addition to activities within the capital, Stone Town, itself.

We have tried to group the various activities that can be undertaken during a holiday on Zanzibar into different sections, as shown below. To find out more information you can either link on from these illustrated panels or simply choose the activity that interests you from the drop-down menu above.

At ZanzibarAway we will design a holiday for you that includes as many of these activities as are of interest to you. Whether you just want to soak up the sun on an idyllic tropical beach, indulge in sporting activities, or dig deeper into what makes Africa the fascinating continent that it is, we can cater for your exact requirements.

For more specific assistance regarding any of these activities please call us on 0121 472 1541, or email us using the contact form in the right hand column of this page.

One word of warning:

If you are thinking about taking a half day or full day tour of the kind described below, you need to exercise some caution. The bigger hotels will often have their own in-house guide, but, although smaller places will usually offer to arrange such a tour for you, they will rely on some outside operator. Too often the latter are little more than taxi drivers, doubling up as guides, and the resulting experience can be quite poor, especally if you are subjected to a gabbled spiel learned off by heart, being faced with a blank look if you start to ask questions.

There are reputable tour operators on Zanzibar, and we would strongly recommend that you chose one of these. We are very happy to arrange any such tours for you as part of your holiday package, but if you would prefer to delay sorting this out until you are actually out on Zanzibar itself, then we will gladly recommend a reliable operator to you - just ask!


Zanzibar - The Basics

We don't really believe that you need us to tell you what to do on a purely beach holiday, or on honeymoon, but Zanzibar offers so much more than this, and hence these various other options are included for your interest and benefit, together with details of exploring the capital, Stone Town.

Beach Holidays

Being a (sizeable) island, Zanzibar has no shortage of glorious beaches on which to spend a relaxing holiday. And no shortage either of beautiful beachside accommodation in which to stay.

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It's difficult to imagine a better place to spend your honeymoon than Zanzibar. Just let us know, and we will arrange a number of extra features for your stay.

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Exploring Stone Town

Zanzibar's capital - Stone Town - well repays a couple of day's stay, not just as an overnight before your flight out, but as a fascinating historical centre in its own right, well worth exploring.

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Sporting Activities

As the complete antithesis to lazing on a beach, Zanzibar also provides the opportunity to undertake some strenuous watersports, including deep-sea fishing.

Water Sports

Zanzibar is a mecca for watersports enthusiasts - scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, waterskiiing and sailing. There are several excellent PADI Diving Centres serving all levels of expertise.

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Game Fishing

Although you can fish from a dhow, using local techniques, the real excitement comes from deep sea fishing using the most modern techniques to catch a variety of big game fish.

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Boat Trips

In addition to the opportunity to visit some of the neighbouring small islands by boat, Zanzibar is also famous for its magical dhow cruises.

Dhow Cruises

There can be few more romantic activities than a leisurely cruise on a traditional dhow - especially at sunset. You can even hold your wedding on a sandbank, transported there by dhow.

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Visiting Prison Island

Just 20 minutes by boat from Stone Town, Prison Island offers an excellent beach, snorkelling - and its unique giant tortoise sanctuary.

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Dolphin Watching

If you are lucky, you can actually swim quite close to the dolphins that make the Kizimkazi fishing village, on the southern tip of Zanzibar, their home.

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Tours and Festivals

Away from the coast and its beaches and marine activities, Zanzibar has much more to offer, allowing visitors to understand the Zanzibari way of life itself.

Spice Tours

Historically, Zanzibar was best known for its spices (and the slave trade). Nowadays a (half day) Spice Tour is one of its most popular and interesting tourist excursions.

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If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Zanzibar at Festival time, then whatever you do don’t miss out on attending one of these - a rare experience to be savoured.

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Jozani Forest

The nearest thing to a game-viewing safari on Zanzibar is a visit to the Jozani Forest, to view the rare Red Colobus Monkey, together with the many other animal and plant species to be found here.

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